2022 Yearly Planner

Get Sh*t Done

The all-in-one planner you will ever need to get your sh*t together. 

• Over 20,000 links

• 660+ pages

• Modern and minimal

• Fully customizable sections

• 10 blank notepads/templates

• PDF download compatible with GoodNotes, Notability and Noteshelf


Our Why

The GSD Planner was created for those who still love to physically write in their planner. Our all-in-one planner beautifully marries the notebook feel with digital creating a seamless experience to keep all of your life organized in one place.


The GSD Planner firmly believes there is power behind physically writing down your goals and plans for the future. It can clear your mind, allow you to process your thoughts and you will be more likely to stay committed to your goals.


Give it a try, what do you have to loose? Either you stay where you are or finally crush those goals you've been thinking about—it's time for the latter.

2022 GSD Digital Planner Walk Through
See what all is included and how to navigate through the GSD Digital Planner.

Yearly Planner

Everything you need to keep your months, weeks, and days organized. 

Yearly Planner includes:

• Full 2022 year view
• Quarterly month views
• Quarterly overviews + reflection
• Monthly planner view
• Monthly overviews + reflection
• Weekly planner view
• Week overview + reflection
• Daily planner view

Financial Planner

Get a hold of your finances with our templates created to give you your power back. Make every dollar work for you whether its getting out of debt or saving for something you've had your eye on.

Financial Planner includes:

2022 Financial overview + goal setting
• Monthly Budgets
• Bill tracker
• Irregular income planning

Virginia says:

I love how modern and simple this is. It has everything you need. I feel like I got my sh*t together.

Health and Wellness

Keep track of your workouts, create programs, document your journey for that extra motivation. You can use this for yourself or a starting place to create programs for your clients. Meal planning makes it easy to stay on track and create grocery lists.

Health and Wellness templates include:

Workout logs
• Body measurements
• My progress in photos
• Meal planning for every week
• Supplement/Vitamin tracker


Templates to get your thoughts together during and after meetings, get your house in order, and start new healthy habits. These templates have room to be custom to how you want to use them.

Productivity templates include:

• Meeting notes
• My lists
• Weekly cleaning checklist
• Password tracker
• Habit tracker


Your one stop shop to get your projects organized and completed.

My Sections

Customize this section to be whatever you want it to be with our custom templates and notepads.


Now is the time to reach those goals you keep thinking about. Write it down and start making moves!


Notepads + Templates

With a dedicated "My Section" you can customize your planner for anything you need. Turn it into a journal, creative work space, sketch book, client workouts, the possibilities are endless. We will constantly be adding more templates as time goes. Don't see a template? Let us know and we will review with the team to add more to our library.

Notepads + templates include:

• Blank
• Blank month
• Check lists

• Cornell notes
• Grid

• Lined

• Workout log
• Storyboard
• Meeting notes

• 1/2 check list 1/2 blank

2022 GSD Digital Planner

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