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All-in-one 2023 GSD Digital Planner for your iPad. Created by a professional designer with experience at Apple and Nike. With user experience at top of mind—our product is intuitive and easy to use. Using a professional modern and minimalist design for a clean organized look that provides freedom to design however you would like. Whats the "GSD" stand for? Get Sh*t Done.

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GSD Planner is a Sunday start used in landscape mode. With over 20,000 links and 660+ pages, you have full control to take ownership and customization of your planner. Freshly updated to be even more user friendly and minimal.

The all-in-one planner you will ever need to get your sh*t together.
• Over 20,000 links
• 660+ pages
• Modern and minimal
• Fully customizable sections
• 10 blank notepads/templates
• PDF download compatible with GoodNotes, Notability and Noteshelf

What you get in the planner listed below.

2023 Yearly planner:
• Yearly view
• Quarterly layout
• Quarterly overview and reflection
• Monthly planner
• Monthly overview and reflection
• Weekly planner
• Weekly overview and reflection
• Daily planner

• Yearly financial planner
• Monthly budgeting
• Bill tracker
• Irregular income planning

Health and Wellness
• Workout/Fitness logs
• Body measurements
• My progress in photos
• Meal planning for every week of the year

• Recipe Book
• Supplement/Vitamin tracker

• Meeting notes
• My lists
• Weekly cleaning checklist
• Password tracker
• Habit tracker

• 8 blank project templates

• 8 blank goal templates

My sections
• 8 blank and fully customizable sections you can make your own using templates/notepads provided. Possibilities are endless!

Customize how you want to use your planner by adding in notepads/templates to any of your sections. However, we created a specific section "My Sections" to be dedicated to anything you need your planner to be.

• Blank
• Blank month
• Check lists
• Cornell notes
• Grid
• Lined
• Meeting notes
• Storyboard
• Workout log
• 1/2 blank 1/2 checklist

• Recipe

2023 All-in-one Digital Planner

  • This planner has been created to be used with an accompanying note-taking app (such as GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf) and on an iPad/Tablet with an Apple Pencil/Stylus. These accompaniments are NOT included in this purchase.

    Once payment has been accepted and received, you will recieve the GSD Digital Planner PDF to download.

    You will receive a digital PDF download that you will import into your note-taking app.

    The GSD Digital Planner can be filled in using two methods: Apple Pencil or stylus to write with, or use the text tool – to type. However, we recommend writing with an Apple Pencil/Stylist.

    The provided files are for personal use only. All of the files are original and copyright to GSD Digital Planner and as such can not be re-sold, copied or distributed in any shape or form – if you choose to violate the terms legal actions may be taken.

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